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The Museum of Classical Archaeology (MOCA) is a small collection of Mediterranean antiquities located in 028 Dulles Hall.

MOCA was established by Professor Timothy Gregory (History) in 2005 with support from the Office of Research of the University. The collection consolidated objects previously held by the Departments of History, Greek and Latin (now Classics), the Center for Paleographical and Epigraphical Studies, and OSU’s excavation at Isthmia, Greece.

Between c. 2005-15, the museum served as a training site for graduate students learning about archaeological collection practices. MOCA frequently hosted visiting classes from local K-12 schools. Activity at MOCA ceased around 2016.

In Spring 2023, interested faculty formed a cross-departmental committee to revive, oversee, and advocate for MOCA. Approved by the College of Arts and Science in January 2024, the committee includes representatives from Classics, History, and Anthropology.

The museum does not accept donations of objects.

items from the collection
Photographs of objects in the collection, c. 2006. Going forward, we plan to re-photograph the collection.

The collection comprises at least 600 objects ranging in date from the Neolithic to the nineteenth century, deriving primarily from the Mediterranean region. We also host a collection of slides from OSU’s previous excavations at Isthmia. Between 2004–6, Prof. Gregory and his graduate students compiled a collection database. 

Going forward, MOCA plans to transfer this database to a stable digital platform and make it available for public viewing.


Prof. Julie Field, Anthropology
Prof. Christopher Stedman Parmenter, Classics


Prof. Mark Fullerton, Classics (ex officio)
Prof. Gaia Gianni, Classics
Prof. Scott Levi, History (ex officio)
Prof. Katie Rask, Classics
Prof. Amanda Respess, History
Prof. Alan Ross, Classics
Prof. Kristina Sessa, History

Graduate assistant:

Gillian Marbury, Classics

Ohio State University’s Museum of Classical Archaeology (MOCA) is committed to:

  • Stewardship of collections
  • Education of undergraduate students and training of graduate students
  • Research
  • Public Outreach

February 5, 2024: Profs. Julie Field (Anthropology) and Christopher Stedman Parmenter (Classics) appointed co-directors of MOCA.

January 8, 2024: Classics graduate student Gillian Marbury begins work on collection reinventory and assessment.

December 4, 2023: The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the MOCA committee.

The museum does not currently maintain open hours. Our collection is open, however, to researchers. To arrange a special visit, contact parmenter.14@osu.edu and field.59@osu.edu.

The museum welcomes class visits from OSU, K-12 schools, and other universities. During the museum’s previous iteration we hosted several visits annually. To arrange a visit, contact parmenter.14@osu.edu and field.59@osu.edu.

Our work at the museum is made possible by support from the Departments of History, Classics, and the College of Arts and Sciences. Additionally, we are grateful to Prof. Gregory and private donors who arranged funding for the museum in the 2000s.

To support our ongoing work, please contact parmenter.14@osu.edu and field.59@osu.edu.